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This is an all inclusive trip including accommodations at the majestic Grenadian by Rex Resort Hotel, first class dining, and possibly the best diving in the Caribbean. We dive with Devotion 2 Ocean located on the resort. Just one mile off of the Beach sits the Bianca C, a 600+ foot Cruise Ship that has been labeled the “Titanic of the Caribbean.” There are a wide variety of dive sites accommodating both beginners and advanced divers. Whether you are a diving enthusiast who can not get enough, or a complete novice, Grenada has it all! Reefs to suit all levels ranging form 30ft to awe inspiring 99ft. Wrecks are in abundance ranging from 40ft to 168ft.


Panama City, Florida:

Destin provides some great diving with the benefit of being close to home. Temperatures are a beautiful 80+ degrees in the summer, and 50-100 foot visibility is the norm. Because of Destin's location at a narrow point on the continental shelf, divers are able to get to dive sites that are up to 100 feet deep with very short boat trips, and the area boasts large numbers of aquatic life and a variety of wrecks to expore.


The Wreck of the USS Oriskany:

The Oriskany has been the talk of the diving industry and at 911 feet long is the largest ship ever sank as an artificial reef. Come dive the USS Oriskany for a once in a lifetime adventure, seeing history as you’ve never seen it before. At 911' long, 150' tall and 146' wide you will be awed by this majestic aircraft carrier. Sunk in 212' of water only 22 miles from shore, it will attract all species of marine life from the smallest reef fish to the largest pelagic fish in the ocean. There have been whale sharks sited here recently. To dive this wreck you must be Advanced Open Water certified and have made at least two dives to 80 feet or deeper within the past year.


This is a trip for divers who like great diving and lots of it. Bonaire has over 80 dive sites to choose from and you can dive as much as you want. The trip includes round trip airfare, transfers, unlimited boat diving, unlimited shore diving, unlimited nitrox, tanks, weights and as a special bonus you will get 50% off of your hotel food and beverage bill at the end of the week. Bonaire has some of the most incredible and hassle free diving you can imagine and was just rated as the top diving destination in the world for the fifth year in a row by Scuba Diver Magazine.

Cooper River:

The Cooper River is known for its sharks teeth! Lying in the gravel beds, churned by the ever-constant flow of the river, are fossilized sharks teeth from many ancient species, the most notorious of which is the extinct Carcharodon megalodon. A species from the Miocene to Pleistocene eras whose exact dimensions have long been disputed, Megalodon was BIG by anyone's standards. Samples of its teeth very often are the size of an adult hand, and have been retrieved in large numbers over the years. Bringing back a "big one" is the ultimate quest for rookies and pros alike!

Dive Quest - Disney's "The Living Seas" at Epcot:

Join us at the Living Seas in Orlando, FL for an incredible diving experience. Become part of the Disney cast as you dive into the tank with Sand Tiger Sharks, Sea Turtles, Eagle rays and other large aquatic life. This is a perfect way to share your love of diving with non-diving family and friends because they will get to watch you as you dive and see what you experience. The cost of the dive includes a Dive Quest T-shirt, and use of the Living Seas Equipment. All you have to do is show up with a mask and the Disney folks do the rest.


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