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Public Safety Diving Courses

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In a world filled with ever changing and increasing threats those who work in public safety must continue to develop and prepare to meet those threats. Criminal investigations no longer stop at the water's edge. It is expected that the dive team who recovers the evidence do so in a manner that is as professional and proficient as any investigator on land. Through years of public safety dive experience, Mike Berry has developed this series of courses. They are designed to prepare public safety dive teams to professionally and proficiently exceed the standards expected of today's public safety professional.

Underwater Criminal Investigation:

Through a series of rigorous courses you will gain invaluable knowledge about public safety diving from skilled professional public safety divers. You will learn safe techniques to recover bodies, weapons, and stolen articles. Some of the advanced skills involve the use of underwater metal detectors and lifting full sized automobiles. Throughout this route of study you will gain valuable experience in diving in zero-visibility environments, as well as in law-enforcement evidence recording, recovering, and packaging.

To learn more about the UCI and Master UCI courses, select the "UCI Courses" link in the left column.

UCI Specialty Courses:

Public safety diving often requires divers to enter into a wide variety of underwater environments. Each of these can bring a challenges and hazards to the dive. Specialty training is often required so that the public safety diver can safely conduct his work in spite of the difficult conditions.

To learn more about the wide range of UCI Speciality courses, select the "UCI Specialties" link in the left column.

Public Safety Rescue Diving:

Many public safety dive teams conduct urgent rescue dives in an attempt to save lives. The knowledge to safely and efficiently rescue someone is irreplaceable in the public safety diving community. These skills are also in demand on recovery teams. Their divers often enter waters that can pose hazards to the team members. Having trained public safety rescue divers on site can mitigate some of these threats.

To learn more about the PADI Public Safety Rescue Diver course, select the "Rescue Diver" link in the left column.

UCI Instructor:

The UCI program is one of the most difficult to become qualified to instruct. It not only requires exemplary UCI skills, but also a solid public safety diving background. Our instructor program insures our instructors are qualified to teach UCI programs and our goal is to offer PSD training that actually allows you to "master" the skills being taught.

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