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Gas Fills:

At Chattahoochee Scuba, we can provide you with a standard air fill or create a custom trimix blend to take you to whatever depth you want to go. Our air quality exceeds the standards established for Modified Grade E, the highest quality air required for partial pressure blending in the dive industry. We have two high pressure air compressors and an air bank to supply two fill station manifolds. We can create our custom gas blends with our mixing stick or use our booster pump.


Air Fill $8
EANX Fill (up to 40%) $10
Double Cylinder Air Fill $16
Double Cylinder EANX Fill (up to 40%) $20
Paintball Cylinder Air Fill $8
Air Fill Card (good for 10 air fills or 5 EANX fills) $45
Trimix Fill Varies
EANX Fill (greater then 40%) Varies


  • **All cylinders to be filled must have passed a hydrostatic test in the past five years and have passsed an accepted visual inspection in the past year.
  • **Chattahoochee Scuba staff reserve the right to refust to fill ANY cylinder.
  • **Cylinders to be filled with EANX or Trimix must have a current visual inspection certifying their suitability to be used in oxygen service applications.
  • **If the cylinder and the valve do not meet oxygen service requirements, we will not fill it with EANX.
  • **If you do not have a valid diving certification, you will be required to fill out an applicable release before receiving an air fill in a cylinder that could be used for scuba diving. Paint Ball Scuba Cylinder Fill Release:

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