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Equipment Servicing and Maintenance:

All manufacturers recommend that their equipment is serviced to keep up the warranty.

We can service any manufacturer supplied within the US if you are unsure your equipment can be serviced by us please give the shop a call and ask, you never know we might be able to help you. Certain systems may require additional time.


Regulator Service (per stage)
$25 For labor only, parts extra
BCD Service
$25 For labor only, parts extra
Computers and Watches $10 Depending on make and model, parts extra
Dry Suit Latex Wrist Seals
$30 For a pair, for labor only, seals extra
Dry Suit Latex Neck Seal $40 For labor only, seals extra
Cylinder Visual Inspection
Cylinder Visual Inspection (Pre 1988 Manufacture (6351 Alloy)) $20 Eddy Current Test is conducted
Cylinder Tumble (Steel Only)
$30 For steel cylinders with excessive corrosion
Cylinder Oxygen Service Cleaning
$20 Both cylinder and valve must pass Oxygen Clean inspection for cylinder to be cleared for Oxygen Service
Valve Oxygen Service Cleaning $20 For labor only, parts extra
Hydrostatic Test
$35 Required every five (5) years

Regulator Function Check


All stickers (at the inspector's discretion) will be removed during the visual inspection. There is a $2 per sticker charge for all stickers removed after the first three. Please leave the most current visual inspection sticker on the cylinder.


Please remove all accessories from the cylinder before turning it in. These include, but are not limited to valve caps, cylinder covers, and boots on aluminium cylinders. Boots can be left on steel cylinders. Chattahoochee Scuba, its employees, and staff will not be held responsible for the loss of accessories remaining on the cylinder.

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